So this is it I guess !

Hi everyone !

This post will be my last one, so enjoy it as much as you can ! 😉

During this week, I mostly focused on making the streaming of images work other Wi-Fi. I’m not proud it too me this long, and even after that, and a lot of re-factoring, changing of plans, and debugging, it wouldn’t work properly.

In fact, it did. For ~20s. And each time it failed after that. I was giving up to focus on a lesser, stabler version for the presentation, but Sam told us this morning that there wasn’t any interest in our project without it. And with his help, things started to get better. But the real hard work was done by and with Natolumin. He helped to eradicate the remaining bugs and found my problem: sometime, TCP cut a command string in half, crashing the program by filling buffers with unexpected values.

I already have heard of pair programming, and wasn’t especially keen on the concept. I pictured it as annoying for both the observer and the writer. Too much frustration on one side and too much judgment on the other. But I was surprised to find there weren’t any of them. In fact, we were both so tired and depressed that a second brain and motivation was more than convenient.

Now, we’re still stuffing server and flash with the best animations to make you dream and wonder. See you tomorrow !

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