[Kudly]Big day for us

Hello !

Today was a BIG day for us, first of all we presented a “final” prototype to Alexis and Samuel. Our Kudly was supposed to take a picture when we take Kudly’s hands in ours, but during the demonstration, the picture hasn’t been sent to the server and we couldn’t show the picture on it. We still don’t understand why it happened, but today we will work on it and will find the weakness. We copped with an other problem, the same as the picture, in the demonstration we were supposed to encode a sound and send it to the server but the transmit didn’t happen … But the rest of the demonstration went well, and it motivates us for friday. During the afternoon, we also had a test on all courses we had since the beginning, on tutorials from my teammates and a practical training. I’m really mad at me because my preparation really wasn’t the right one, and furthermore, I lost a lot of time on implementing something that I should have implemented a long time ago Grrrrr too many regrets. Tonight my moral is low but I’m sure that a full night of sleep will be very efficient ! Good night all 🙂

[Kudly] Temperature sensor and sewing

Hey !

Since two days I work on the temperature sensor with I2C protocol but I have some problems with it. When I try to configure the registers of the sensor, my function i2cMasterTransmit which returns an error number 4 but I don’t understand why, sometimes it works and sometimes not… I debugged during 3 hours but didn’t find  any lead but I will be maybe more efficient tomorrow with a fresh brain. Yesterday, I also sewed a hook and loop in the Kudly’s back, now we can open his back and put the card in and close it after (the pictures below). Tomorrow morning I will try to fix my I2C problems and then help my friends on the streaming. We will do also a brainstorming to plan how Kudly will use its features, all his intelligence.

Good night !



[Kudly] Audio streaming

Hello !

Today we worked with Dim on the audio streaming, we tried to encode and decode at the same time using mailboxes but we didn’t test it because we need to use the mailboxes used in the wifi functions, so we will test it tomorrow with Dimitri and Marc (we are crossing our fingers). Furthermore, we added a function which allows to detect the volume and set on a LED depending upon the sound volume. I think we will not be able to detect if there is a baby cry or not because it looks like to be an extansive  signal processing and we are not expert of it , but we will detect loudly sounds like baby crying.

Streaming is coming ! (At last)


Kudly is able to speak !

Hello everybody !


I have some big news today, our codec is working and I’m able to display a sound on our card. I had some problems with buffer sizes and ogg vorbis format, but now my function can read a song in ogg format from our SDcard and display it on our jack. The recording function is also about to work,  we can obtain data from the microphone and save it in a file on our SDcard, but when we display it, we only hear some noises. So we didn’t finish all the functions of our codec but the end is imminent ! Good night 😀

Kudly’s audio codec

Hi everybody,

We work since two days on the audio codec with one of my team mate, and  it doesn’t look so easy to implement … We read the datasheet  and programmed the right registers for recording and displaying audio. But, our PCBs are not still solded  that’s why we can’t test our program and initialisations on our card. It will be solded soon, and we will be able to test it. I come back later with better news I hope.

Kudly’s PCB and TP

Hello everybody,

I couldn’t post sunday, so i will recap my last 2 days of work. First of all, sunday night we worked with my team mates on our PCB, our schematic had some mistakes due to SPI protocol who was apparently misunderstood by us.

We also try  a positioning of our components, but it changed on Monday because we bought a teddy bear and decided where the camera and PIR will be( in the eyes ), our PCB shape due to this.

On Monday afternoon and today, I worked on my TP and I progressed a lot, by exemple, I implemented the ADC, the buzzer and the USB but my USB program had some fails on my PC but not on my team mates’ one. I discovered that my Minicom tried to speak with my card like with a modem, so it sent some characters like “A” or “\r” whereas I only sent others characters. I also discovered that one of my debug options was disabled and some errors were not detected and my program wasn’t so good because I used bad functions, so I changed them.

Today, I also tried to clean my repositories and main program because I used threads in a bad way and it wasn’t very cleared in it.

To end up, we are proud to announce you the sending of our PCB to production !! Sorry for the long post, here’s not a potato 😉

Working on STM32 and routing of our PCB

Hello everybody,

Today I worked on the PWMs of the STM32F407, and tried to control the brightness of the internal LEDs but it doesn’t look so easy. Apparently, this LEDs are connected on Timers where PWMs are not availables, I think we need to see the source code of Chibios and be inspired to how PWMs are implemented on others timers. Furthermore, tomorrow is a big day for Kudly, we willl begin the real placement and routing of our PCB. Our schematic is almost over and things are going to be more serious and harder now ! I’ll give you some news of our progress tomorrow.

See u later

[Kudly]Hug sensor

Hello everybody,


This afternoon, we decided with the team to add a new feature on our bear. A hug sensor measuring how the child loves his Kudly, or how strong he can strike it. But there is a problem, we don’t know how to implement it and which sensor to use. We found this kind of sensor http://fr.farnell.com/bei-sensors/9610r3-4kl2-0/capteur-position-lineaire-26-9mm/dp/1607968 that we can put in our bear but that implies to create skeleton all around our bear and we are afraid to stiffen it too much. Does anyone have an other idea who would be better ? Thank you for the feedback.



Today we (Julien, Damien, Marc, Dimitri and me) chose a name for our Teddy Bear project ! We are proud to present you “Kudly”, the new connected Teddy Bear. After an installation of ArchLinux on our computer, we are carrying on our meeting of this morning, and talking about the PSSC and the PCB. I’ll give you some news later.