[StabiloRose] Lastday, let the bug hunt beggin

So today I started my activities by mounting a “ppt” presentation for tomorrow. I passed some time after that helping at the implementation of some animations and stuff. The real problem that made me going bed at this hour was a led problem. Fortunately or not we discovered that for mystery reasons (probably a curt circuit somewhere) the first 6 leds of our top semi-sphere were burned. So back to soldering. Thanks for the higher forces now everything is ok.

That is it.

[StabiloRose] Reaching the goal

Today I altered some animation codes and translated them to the language our server is coded at. I also helped at the recording of some videos and photos with the sphere. After a brainstorm of ideas for the final presentation i think we are going to do a pretty little show.

That’s it for today. Now sleep.

[StabiloRose] Animations and test

Today I worked into some animations for the sphere. The point now is: if we succeed to implement a good communication with the server we wont need to generate images with algorithms inside the ball. Those codes that we have now are going to be transferred to the server. I also made tests in the end of the night with the ball completely closed to check the improvements at our frame rate and image processing speed.

That’s it for today.

[StabiloRose] A day full of emotions

Today we finally merged plenty of the work we were doing in parallel, we had a hard time solving eventual bugs an conflicts. We also made a test with the ball closed and turning a test routine (as you can see in the video posted by my colleagues).

Thats it for today

[StabiloRose] Neighbor average at leds

Today I worked at the algorithm to calculate the neighbor points of our digital representation of sphere. After some time yesterday translating the math from the paper we are using to map the sphere I implemented the function to use it. Now our sphere is capable of display more smooth transitions of colors. I also worked re soldering parts etc.

That’s it for today

[StabiloRose] Keep measuring and implementing

So today I remade a little part of my yesterday measurements (what was quite quick since i just focused at the at the most non aligned points that we could see at the plot). I soldered another connector for one of our half spheres and traduced the maths of the article we are using to represent the spherical points into functions. Probably we are going to use them very soon when making figure rotations.

That’s it for today.

[StabiloRose] Printing, measuring and back to coding

After almost two days of manual work i started my day analyzing the code of other team members that were working in parallel to me and Clement. After that, I started making some test frames to export into our sphere. I printed the last physical parts of the project that were remaining and now we just finished measuring the position of all our leds to really represent them all in a simulator.

That’s it for today. (The photos are down here. Clement posted plenty of them)

[StabiloRose] We have a shape here!

Finally, after a long soldering day we can say that our project has a face! It makes me really happy to finally have something quite pretty in hands to work with. The next step for tomorrow is to program some animations, and try to implement the ideas that we already had for mapping the leds electronically. Here is a video of the internal sphere turning a led test:

That’s it =D


[StabiloRose] Soldering day

Today we corrected some errors of soldering and continued to fix the many LED’s that we have at the surface of the sphere. Its going not that fast but we are making intermediate tests, so i hope we’ll be able to have all the LED’s well placed before tomorrow afternoon. We have to overcome this step quickly so we can start testing the different strategies for tracking the LED’s.

There is a photo one of our tests today:


Tip of the day: Don’t trust long cables, specially when doing tests of data transfer (at “high frequency”).

That’s it for today.

[StabiloRose] Solder and coding

Today I continued to improve the code of the wifi module. I believe that after the feedback of my group members, i will be able to concentrate myself at another part of the project. I helped at the beginning of the physical building as well (soldering).

So, i’m testing now the first day of night permission to continue the soldering.

That’s it!