IR tranmission

Today, we started to look at the different components that we will need to our PCB.

For the attack, we finally decided to choose the IR technology, to aim the opponant and then launch our speel on him. So, we have chosen an IR transmitter and a receiver, that we probably will complete with lens : one converging to increase the transmitter directivity, and an other one divergent, to have a better interception of the IR light on the receiver.


Expelliarose Chapter 0

So, for Friday, we got to have more concrete ideas of the Expelliarose features… Thanks to the Trello tool, we have to schedule the different targets of our project.

Since the week-end, I will try and find more informations about motion recognition, about the PCB and also about the Android application to deduce interesting PSSCs.

Otherwise, we have followed an embedded OS course today and we have begun a practical work to discover ChibiOs. For this, we will work on a development board.

See you soon !


Let’s start posting

Hi everyone,

So since yesterday, I am working with Clement and Artur on the tutoriel about the Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors currently used in an IMU. I especially look into informations about gyroscopes, to find their characteristics and also their limits.

This afternoon, I have started installing ExpeditionPCB on Windows and also, a new boot with ArchLinux but I haven’t finished yet. In the late afternoon, we had a brainstorming session in a relaxing place, to try and find new ideas for the projects. Whilst on the subject of the projects, I am very interesting in the Sorcery project.

That’s all for me tonight, bye !