[Kudly] First deadline


Today we had the first deadline : we prensented our project. It almost respected PSSCS but it’s always missing streaming to server.  We used the wifi module in streaming mode and successed to receive data from server and play it on speaker but we have some issues with it to send data from microphone to the server. We will try to fix it before the last presentation.


[Kudly] Connected teddy bear


Today and yesturday, I worked on http post with our wifi module. Now Kudly is able to download or to upload a file from server. It’s also able to read instruction on a xml web page to control LEDs for example.

We spend some time debug streams reading with the wifi module. In fact when data (one or more) are ready a polling command returns 1, when stream is closed (reading is finished) it returns “command failed” and when the buffer is empty but there is other data that is coming it return 0.  So we looped until the polling return a fail or 1 but it blocked half time in this loop because, according to us, we asked too fast the wifi module so it couldn’t close the stream when there is no following data. To fix it, I add a timeout on this loop.


[Kudly] Wifi, SD card & hug sensors


Since my previous post, I implemented a functionality that saves a web page on SD card. This will able Kudly to dowload songs or other files from server. In order to achieve that, I used Wiconnect API on our AMW006 wifi module.

When I had time, I added hug sensors. In fact, Kudly will have flex and force sensors to interact with the child. They are connected on ADCs on stm32 to take pressure values.

Now I’m working on http post !


[Kudly] Wifi & integration


Today, I finalized to implement hhtp request and parsing of xml frame to light LEDs. Now, we can regularly send requests to our server and execute actions written in xml in a web site.

For integration with others features, we had some issues. In fact, our wifi module communicates with stm32 in UART (we are using it) but also in SPI. The problem was the wifi module did a factory reset every time that we flashed the board. On the SPI bus, there is also SD Card module. By default, on wifi module SPI MISO pin is assigned by factory reset pin. When we connected the SD Card module this pin was set and wifi module did a factory reset during the stm32 reset time … To fix it, we configured this pin in input for wifi module.


[Kudly] LEDs & wifi


We received our Kudly boards yesturday ! We tested some features as UART debug, shell or PWM. As Dimitri said, there is one card where UART doesn’t work…

Today, I worked with Marc on LEDs PWM and we spent a lot of time to uderstand that LEDs were soldered in reverse and to deal with a complementary timer. After, we began to send some commands to our wifi module to download updates and connect it to the network.

We hope finalize it for tomorrow !

Bye !

[Kudly] STM32 lab & challenge


Today, I finished the STM32 lab with LwIP and  Netconn API. I think this lab prepared us to explore some usual features that can be used for Kudly’s STM32 :).

Now, it’s time to sleep before challenge ! We have to bring headphones for it : maybe we are going to play songs !


[Kudly] PCB sent to prod & STM32


After one week in Warsaw, I went back on previous Sunday and I continued to work on Kudly PCB and on my STM32 exercises.

First, we finally sent our PCB design to production ! We spent lot of time on schematic but now we know good practices like write a routing table or clearly know each ship consumption to choose best power supply. For the placement and routing, we tried but Alexis is definitely better !

Secondly, I succeeded to implement PWM, trimmer and serial over USB communication ! Now I’m working on TCP/IP…

Kudly design and PWM on stm32


Today, I managed to implement PWM on my board. In fact, as pwm functionality isn’t  code in ChibiOs on pins that I wanted to use, I used another timer to control them. Now, I’m trying interruptions with button to control LEDs.

With Kudly, we went back on schematic because we forgot to place pins from modules closed from each other on stm32. And we began the placement : it looks like a very long process but we will push our PCB on next Sunday.

[Kudly] Components choice & PCB


We are progressing on PCB, we almost chose all components : power supply, wifi module, codec …

Now, we are placing them on design. It’s the first time that we work on ExeptionPCB and it’s quite difficult for us. For the moment, it misses  wifi-module and CO2 sensor in our schematic.

We are thinking about the future form of Kudly. Maybe, it will be a Panda, a Koala or a bear …

Kudly teddy

Today, we chose the teddy bear’s name : “Kudly”, as Antoine said in the previous post.

We also talked about organization, Kudly’s features and components that we will embed ( microphone, camera,  leds …)

Now, we are writing our PSSC.