[Kudly] Routing, routing, routing…

Hi everyone,

we are fighting with expedtion PCB to accomplish the routing. But because we have quite a lot of components, it’s a bit tricky to sort out all the connections…

But right know our schematic is not verified, so we will probably have to change some some things….

Have a good evenning,


[Kudly] On the road again

Hi everyone,

After a busy working week-end, we almost achieve the schematic of our pcb ! The STM32, the USB, the IMU, the audio codec, the LEDs, the speakers, the microphone, the JTAG port, the temperature sensor… are virtually plugged, we just are waiting for the Wifi module and the camera module to be added in the library of ExpeditionPCB to continue 🙂

Right now, we will trying to do the routing to test the program. Hope we will success….

See you,


PS : Here is a photo of the whole team, for those who don’t know usKudly team


[Kudly] First presentation

Hi everyone,

These last days were dedicated to prepare the first presentation which will occure in a few hours ! For that, we had to precise the functionnality the bear will have. And then select techonolgy and composants to realise them.

The previsionnal calendar is established, hope we will meet the deadlines….


If you have no friend, take a Kudly !

Yesterday, we choose the teams, and the projects. Finally, I will work with Damien, Antoine, Julien and Marc on Kudly, the connected teddy bear.

We had a meeting this morning to decide the name, the features and the components we will be needed. But work remains until the friday presentation.

We also had a course about OS, and we started to work on a STM32 processor.





Finally, i’m posting !

Besides the classes we follow with Alexis (about architecture, buses,….), i’m working with Damien and Charles on a tutorial. We have the subject “conception of alimentation”, and we have already done the parts about general notions, and the linear regulators. Switching regulators, we are coming !

We also had a meeting this afternoon with nearly all the ROSEmen in order to discuss about the different project ideas. And a thing is great : it seems that around 4 or 5 people are interessed by each project. There must be no so much conflicts for choosing the teams. As for me, the projects I prefer are PaintIt, and the brand new connected teddy bear proposed by Antoine, Damien and Julien.

See you,