[balls] gps gps gps

Hi everyone,

after an afternoon spent on figuring out the PSSCs, we carry on the search of the right components.

Mine is the GPS chip, and I kind of hit a wall. At first, I believed it would be easy to find one. But the cheap chinese modules have a way too long delivery time. So I went on to find some from Europe, but none seemed to fit our little budget (<10€ per chip). Does anyone have any insight concerning these ?

Oh, and we found another game mode for our balls: contamination. We do not know the specifics yet, but here it is: all balls pulse white, then one starts to pulse green, and has to corrupt the others (by approaching them?). I think that’s something worth doing !

So far, so good.

I’m under the impression that the last 10 days, all I did was install linux distributions. My bad, nobody forced me to install Gentoo. After having successfully set up my Arch environment, I guess I had not got my share of troubles. Well, Gentoo didn’t disappoint me. After an entire day of reading docs and rebooting broken bootloaders, I gave up and reinstalled Arch. Then I tried again in a virtual environment and (yay!) it wasn’t as painful as the first time. Finally, I once again repartionned my drive and managed to setup a dual-boot Arch/Gentoo.

The purpose of wasting that much time might be unclear (even to me) but anyway, I once again learned a lot. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Regarding the projects, I’m delighted to be part of the migB team. The name wasn’t easy to find (and it isn’t a recursive acronym, shame) but that’ll do. Now we have to define the milestones of our project, and I think it’s going to be a very interesting part.

ArchLinux, again !

I so wanted to be the first to post about Arch. Congrats Julien, you nailed it ! But it’s my first post in this blog, so I guess that’s something.

I’m currently writing from my fresh installation of Arch. It doesn’t even have a display manager! Yeah it’s my first time and yeah, that is quite an experience.

But I’m not just posting around about my noob feelings, I also wanted to share with my fellow classmates some tips about the install:

  • There’s an install tutorial for beginners that I advice to follow (discovered it after I finished the other one);
  • Don’t forget to disable secure boot;
  • UEFI requires that you make a special partition (except if you already have one),  otherwise you just have to start over again (believe me on that).

As Alexis told us, the whole distrib is very well documented, and the install surprisingly straight-forward.

I also learned a lot doing it. It took me around 3 hours, and it was totally worth it !


By the way, what is your favourite display manager ?