Before going to bed


Since few days, I haven’t post because I was tired. In fact, Monday was ·− / ···− · ·−· −·−− / ···· ·− ·−· −·· / −·· ·− −·−− 🙂
After the presentation of a first prototype, we are now working on some completions.
I had for example, implementing the second capacitive sensor yesterday.

Now, I got to obey Alexis and go sleep.

Good night !


As usual, a short test. I’ll give you some songs. The first one of our students to associate the song with the correct group will win a bottle of champagne or Champony (to drink with utmost moderation of course). Sorry engligh guys, lyrics are in french…





First correct answer wins!

[HeRos] IR range control, 2 days left before final presentation ;)


The last days have been very intense. Our project has been evaluated on Monday, so me and my group spent the entire week-end finishing some feature and getting the code clean and in order for the presentation. The presentation went well, even if we had a minor bug (fixed in 5 minutes), won’t happen again in a presentation :/ But after correcting this our project was working well, we could play a basic HeRos game 😉

I implemented during the week end a new way to send the IR. I was using a PWM to generate the IR frame, now we are also using another one to deal with the power of the IR shots. This permits us to control the shot power and so its range. Now we are able to limit the range of the global shots, making the gameplay more fun !

Now we are focusing on the presentation we are going to make on Friday. It will be an important moment for us, the achievement of 2 intense months, and we want to share our excitment for this project with everyone, hope we’ll make a good presentation !

We have still a lot to do : Videos, presentation, final tests, Hackster page project to complete, but we’ll make it !

[HeRos] UDP streaming working!

Hi everyone!

Video streaming is now done using UDP instead of TCP, and it is way better! There is still some tweaking to do but it should be perfect tomorrow!

Tomorrow I’l also keep improving the app and I’ll add the graphics that Rico is working done in order to have better looking buttons, icons, and a better UI.

Of course we also have to work on our presentation for friday, so it’s going to be a rough week!

Until next time!

[StabiloRose] gotta go fast !

Today, we did some pretty good optimization on the critical path of the application : applying rotations and computing distances. We went from ~24ms per frame to ~1.5ms per frame, using precomputed tables to compute arccos and the famous fast inverse square root from quake III.

Since our IMU only gives position at a 100Hz rate, we can’t really improve much on the stability now, except with some kind of inertia-compensating algorithm using the gyrometer, which we probably can’t do in the alloted time, but it already looks pretty good now ! (sorry, I don’t have a video)


[HeRos] Last week

After a long week-end, we finally present our result to Alexis and Sam. It was good but not enough to be attractive for common usage. HeRos are able to communicate with a smartphone by WiFi, display the camera, shot trough IR. The gameplay is not enough developed and thus it is our first goal for the beginning of the week.

Three points:

  • Adapt android application design
  • Improved gameplay
  • Create HeRos identity to identify the project (logo, color, sound …)

Samuel gave us a very good advise today in order to correct the inconvenient disconnection between the HeRos and the smartphone. We currently used TCP protocol but maybe during re-send packet we lose the camera then the connection is interrupted (not closed) during 1-3s. We will implement UDP protocol to avoid re-send packet since we need the camera only at the present time.




today we had an evaluation of the project and … there are still a lot of things to do. Our project works but there are still some bugs and it is not easy to use for someone not from our group. I also worked on the compass using the magnetometer and it works nicely and fixed one of the bugs I mentioned, we had to keep the PCB plugged on the USB to have it work and I think I solved this, just a mistake in the coding. So all the major features are operative but integration is still required more thoroughly as well as user-friendlyness.


[HeRos] It’s going to be an interesting week!

Hi everyone!

This morning we had the evaluation of our projects by Alexis and Sam. We thought we had done enough tests to show a pretty good demo. Unfortunately a tiny mistake (very tiny: a 0 instead of a -1 on some server code) made it impossible for one of our HeRos to detect when it was shot! But we fixed the bug in a few minutes so it wasn’t that bad. This afternoon we had a test: the development part of it was about implementing a morse translator (both sound and visual on serial over usb). I did it with a very simple albeit ugly function that simply built a string one dot or dash at a time depending on which letter was detected.

What remains to be done for friday is:
– improving the app: UI, design and stability
– switching from TCP to UDP to communicate with our HeRos. Even though the app will now need to reorder fragments of Jpeg and to ignore incomplete frames, UDP is more adapted to streaming and should resolve our drops in framerate. I’ve already start working on this today, it should be done by noon tomorrow
– improving gameplay: more types of game, etc.

So we’re close to the end, but not quite there yet!

Until next time!

[Kudly]Big day for us

Hello !

Today was a BIG day for us, first of all we presented a “final” prototype to Alexis and Samuel. Our Kudly was supposed to take a picture when we take Kudly’s hands in ours, but during the demonstration, the picture hasn’t been sent to the server and we couldn’t show the picture on it. We still don’t understand why it happened, but today we will work on it and will find the weakness. We copped with an other problem, the same as the picture, in the demonstration we were supposed to encode a sound and send it to the server but the transmit didn’t happen … But the rest of the demonstration went well, and it motivates us for friday. During the afternoon, we also had a test on all courses we had since the beginning, on tutorials from my teammates and a practical training. I’m really mad at me because my preparation really wasn’t the right one, and furthermore, I lost a lot of time on implementing something that I should have implemented a long time ago Grrrrr too many regrets. Tonight my moral is low but I’m sure that a full night of sleep will be very efficient ! Good night all 🙂

[Kudly] First deadline


Today we had the first deadline : we prensented our project. It almost respected PSSCS but it’s always missing streaming to server.  We used the wifi module in streaming mode and successed to receive data from server and play it on speaker but we have some issues with it to send data from microphone to the server. We will try to fix it before the last presentation.