Dealing with the PCB

Hi everyone,

yesterday and today, to fulfill the expectations written down our PSSCs we chose our components and began to design the card itself.

I have good hope that the design will be finished by tonight. Or the first version at least. By choosing our routing scheme, we started getting familiar with our processor and our components, and that’s quite a progress. I’m looking forward to beginning with the code though, but that’s not on the menu right now.

[balls] gps gps gps

Hi everyone,

after an afternoon spent on figuring out the PSSCs, we carry on the search of the right components.

Mine is the GPS chip, and I kind of hit a wall. At first, I believed it would be easy to find one. But the cheap chinese modules have a way too long delivery time. So I went on to find some from Europe, but none seemed to fit our little budget (<10€ per chip). Does anyone have any insight concerning these ?

Oh, and we found another game mode for our balls: contamination. We do not know the specifics yet, but here it is: all balls pulse white, then one starts to pulse green, and has to corrupt the others (by approaching them?). I think that’s something worth doing !