A week in the BLE desert

Long time no post, because, well, I didn’t feel like bragging about my struggle with the Nordic chip.

But here we are. Let’s make the most of it! The mission (I accepted): building the communication between the STM32 and the user’s client (a bluetooth low energy device).

Quick reminder: we had decided to use a SPI bus to connect our STM32 and the Nordic nRF51822 chip. But since we only added one chip select wire, we realized our schematic didn’t fit our purpose: both chips should be able to act as master and could want to initiate a transaction. Hence the decision to go back to the UART (we’d planned this, but not thoroughly enough: the RTS and CTS pins are not mapped, so we’ll lose the hardware flow control).

Starting from there, and discovering with enthusiasm that the last Nordic SDK 8.0.0, freshly released, was compatible with our evaluation board (PCA10001, embedding the same chip than us), I developed a custom 8.0 BLE service (with the numerous Nordic examples as a base). Continue reading A week in the BLE desert