[Expelliarose] Some kind of recognition


This evening, we managed with Hugues to make IMU data streaming and DTW recognition work together. We only made really simple tests : try an movement following y axis and one following z axis. They were recognized but there are no management of false positive still. They road is long but we are still pretty happy with the result.

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[Expelliarose] Laser Tag and DTW

Here it is :

The IR emission and reception have been included in the wand handler thread. Now if receive an attack from any opponent that hasn’t attacker for less than 2 seconds, a led animation will be displayed. We have done some test : even in the wand, the receiver seems to work great, still the range is not that high : a few meters (2-3) but we can still increase the power of the emitter by reducing its resistance. So we have been able to play some laser tag as tests.

However : we are facing some weird bug : if the PCB is not connected via USB to a computer, the thread seems to crash after a few receptions. We will have to handle that problem tomorrow.

Moreover, I’m still continuing to do some test for the DTW algorithm for gesture recognition. The first results seems encouraging and now I’m coding a better program that will handle new series of data faster because we are going to do plenty of tests to see what gestures are best recognized.

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