Chapter One: The computer who boots

Voldemort: Don’t you turn your back on me, Harry Potter! I want you to look at me when I kill you! I want to see the light leave your eyes! 
Harry: Have it your way!
Voldemort, Harry: Avada Kedavarose!/Expelliarose!
Harry Potter and The Gobelet of Fire (2005)

Everyone knows how powerfull an Expelliarose spell can be… I hope my team will be powerfull and relentless too!
I hope we’re going to create a good game… and that we’ll be able to play it in two months!

Today, I finished the installation of Arch on my laptop (I used to have problems with internet connection) and I installed Arch on one our PC at school… and as 16nek, I had problems with UEFI! I still have some little problems with the Xserver but… I’ll manage to fix it.

Today was also the first Sam’s lesson about real time OS and with my fresh-usable laptop, I can finally began the work on the STM32… or maybe just installing the tools that I need.

Our group took a little time to talk about our problems (specially the detection and recognition of an opponent – see lelio’s post), to divides the task and to look up at some specific composant.

And since I haven’t post in a long date, here are some old news:

  • I’ve finished and send my tutorial about LEDs… I enjoyed the part about colorimetry because I have a few notions in photography and so a different point of view on the thing
  • I worked a little my signal integrity lesson but it’s still very very very hard
  • I installed Arch on my laptop (though I finished my networkconfiguration today…)
  • I realised that it was hard to write in english (so, excuse me for bad english!)


See you !

back to business

We now have a new name for sorcery : expeliarose ! Hoping that everyone’s got the reference…

We are facing a lot of different problems : how to aim other sorcerers with you stick ? Propably using IR, but we will have to insert it in a nice way on our device. Moreover the conception of sitck will certainly be made with robotic’s 3D printer (thanks guys!), but nobody in our group made 3D conception (except a few solidworks a looong time ago). Well we already have filled trello boxes to acheive the right definition of our project for friday.

I also fought for long hours with archlinux and f*cking UEFI boot to now have a good work environment. Using Anatole advice, I used I3 as tile manager and it seems to be a good deal.

Also began STM32 project, it is on his way…

See you