[StabiloRose] Found a Full-View Spherical Image Format

Shigang Li and Ying Hai are genius. This post is an answer an issue raised by Sam this afternoon. The question was “Is there a format to represent spherical images ?” At least it is not standard, but that’s is not the subject. I found a paper which deals with this. The authors take advantage of the tessellation of the sphere and the flatten representation of a geode to store the pixels in a simple 2D array. With good properties, this latter forms a clever datastructure in which you can retrieve the neighbors from a pixel for example.

It is only an idea but I think it is a good way to explore. Even all the assets of this representation, it is not perfect. It limits the number of LEDs to 252 because of the regularities and the subdivisions of a geode. Moreover, it leads us to place the LEDs precisely. But I like the idea of representing a spherical image by a 2D array. We may be able to adapt it. I hope so.

This concept is the first step of a long process. After the implementation, we have to automatize the transformation of images. Simply because they can not be found under this format currently.


tesselatedSpheretessellatedSphere flat