Need suggestions on (infrared?) targeting!

So, we did set up our Trello today, powerful tool but the “lists” don’t strike me as being the optimal way to organize our work, since they’re a bit messy. We’ll deal with them though.

Concerning our project, Expelliarose is under way, and we have to present our calendar and objectives on Friday. And design our PCB on Tuesday, waw.

Therefore, not a second to waste, let’s find out how our magic wands will target their opponents !

Short remainder of the use case: magicians will hold a magic wand and target their opponents. We shall detect the magician our user is pointing to in order to send him/her a spell.

Multiple alternatives here. Some don’t seem to fit our requirements:

  • very inaccurate targeting with BLE : our wizard sends a spell and every magician in range would take the hit… not so great in terms of gameplay (still could be fun for some specific spells),
  • targeting with a laser: probably too accurate, and most of all a signal quite hard to modulate,
  • ultrasounds: would we fit them in a wand thinner than a log…? Probably not, and it would require a mic constantly listening, not so much for energy consumption and saving the planet.

So, still in play :

  • High luminosity LEDs, infrared or visible light. Several challenges :
    • Range (we could maybe achieve 20m in low luminosity conditions, probably less if we want to play in the sunlight): is it gonna be enough?,
    • Precision (how can we make the signal directional enough to distinguish two wizards spaced by 2 meters at 15m? Lenses? What kind?),
    • Detection (we probably need at least 4 receptors to cover all directions, and it will require the two wands to be in sight ; cameras don’t seem to be an option (expansive and too large/heavy to be embedded at the end of the wand)). Plus, we also want to match the wands when they are facing each other, so we would probably also need a receptor at the end (next to the LED…). That’s tricky.
  • And… well, no other option comes to mind.

Do you have any thoughts? What should we do to ensure a robust (sort of…) targeting ? Any pitfall to avoid? Visible or infrared? Or another technology? Suggestions are more than welcome to provide a good UX to our players. Thank you!

Expelliarose en image

We’ll keep you posted shortly!