[Kudly] LEDs & wifi


We received our Kudly boards yesturday ! We tested some features as UART debug, shell or PWM. As Dimitri said, there is one card where UART doesn’t work…

Today, I worked with Marc on LEDs PWM and we spent a lot of time to uderstand that LEDs were soldered in reverse and to deal with a complementary timer. After, we began to send some commands to our wifi module to download updates and connect it to the network.

We hope finalize it for tomorrow !

Bye !

Kudly design and PWM on stm32


Today, I managed to implement PWM on my board. In fact, as pwm functionality isn’t  code in ChibiOs on pins that I wanted to use, I used another timer to control them. Now, I’m trying interruptions with button to control LEDs.

With Kudly, we went back on schematic because we forgot to place pins from modules closed from each other on stm32. And we began the placement : it looks like a very long process but we will push our PCB on next Sunday.

Working on STM32 and routing of our PCB

Hello everybody,

Today I worked on the PWMs of the STM32F407, and tried to control the brightness of the internal LEDs but it doesn’t look so easy. Apparently, this LEDs are connected on Timers where PWMs are not availables, I think we need to see the source code of Chibios and be inspired to how PWMs are implemented on others timers. Furthermore, tomorrow is a big day for Kudly, we willl begin the real placement and routing of our PCB. Our schematic is almost over and things are going to be more serious and harder now ! I’ll give you some news of our progress tomorrow.

See u later