[StabiloRose] Printing

The major part of the day have been spent on researches about spherical images and geodes. In parallel, a few element of sphere have been printed. As Julien explained to me, the printer is not precise enough to make pieces that fit perfectly into one another. I’ll add more slack between the different pieces of the assembly. We will file the one we already have.

Here is a simple timelapse of a printing. The real time is 55 minutes. The angle might have been better. I’ll try with another one next time. Watching a 3D printer is hypnotic. This is the first time I’m using one personally. The feeling of achievement is really intense. I remember my SolidWorks classes when I was in high school. That was great. But now, one hour after modelling your piece, you can hold it in your hand ! It is just magic.

[StabiloRose] Design is ready

As expected, the design is over. Nothing really new compared to yesterday. We started to print an element of sphere. It will take about an hour.  Thus, there may be a few modification to fit the 3D printer constraints. Like yesterday, here are the 3D models.

Element of sphere

PCB and its support

Exploded view

I agree, it looks a bit like a mine.


Old memories of Solidworks

This is it, Expelliarose’s magic wand is about to be real. We have concieved with Aïmen a simplist prototype to carry the PCB, Leds, IR emitter and recievers…

It would be in 3 pieces :

– A tube around which we will put the leds (on the upper part of the wand).

– Another tube surrounding the first one (#inception) for protection and beauty.

– A handle with indications where to put your fingers.

Seems a bit abstract now, but I will publish a picture as soon as it will be printed with 3D printer from Telecom Robotics (thanks!).

While Aïmen is finishing the design, I’m now taking care of IR transmission and building debug tools to see how far the signal can reach.

[StabiloRose] Design

After the challenge and the practical work on ChibiOS, we are back on the design of the sphere. As we have already said and thanks to Loki, we are going to use two spheres. The internal one will carry the LED strips, the PCB and the battery. The external will provide a smooth shape.

This latter is not going to be printed. We bought a PVC-injected one. We found transparent balls with a diameter of 18 centimeters in a creative hobbies shop. This way, we maximize the usage of the 3D printer. The internal sphere will have a 16 centimeter diameter, the maximal one the printer is able to build. This gives us a 1cm-margin to place the LED strips.

As there are components on both surfaces of the PCB, we can’t “paste” it on a surface. We designed a sandwich-like support. We also put empty spaces to make the USB connector and the switches available. In the end, the LEDs will be carried by 3D grids which will make them easier to install. We won’t be forced to paste them. This makes the determination of the strips position easier.

Here are a few links to the model (3D PDF viewer required). The design is not completed yet. That’s why you can’t see any grid. We ‘ll see what is technically possible with the printer. There’s no hole for the micro usb connector too. The last point is to build a “system” to carry the battery and determine its precise position.

PCB and support

Element of sphere

Exploded view

You’ll see the final version tomorrow.

StabiloRose Assembly

[StabiloRose] Starting the sphere design


This morning we started to think about the design of our sphere. We plan to build it with a 3D printer. The external diameter will be 16 centimeters. After modeling the first few components with SolidWorks, we are stuck. We have to find a way to build a 3D structure which can bear the PCB, the battery and the LEDs. We found some balls which were made by assembling triangles, but is doesn’t really correspond to our project.

At this moment, we have the idea of building two concentric spheres. The internal one will carry the components : PCB and battery on the inside, the LED strips laid on the surface. The external sphere is going to provide a round shape.

Any ideas or feedbacks ?


3D sphere