Greetings from Vienna

I have arrived to Vienna yestarday, I’ll stay there for a week. I’ve already took my development card from my luggage, at least it was not hurt during the trip.

The hostel had the good idea to block (why only github ?) so I had to use a old vpn account to be able to check out Expelliarose wiki. I have added an alimentation section as recomended by Alexis.

I also continued developing fonctionality for the STM32 assignment. It is now able to enable and disable a led throught button interupts. However, the subject specify that an anti-rebounce feature should be added, so I implemented a timer that allows only one interrupts every 20ms, it seems correct, let’s hope it is enough.

Auf wiedersehen,


Kudly design and PWM on stm32


Today, I managed to implement PWM on my board. In fact, as pwm functionality isn’t  code in ChibiOs on pins that I wanted to use, I used another timer to control them. Now, I’m trying interruptions with button to control LEDs.

With Kudly, we went back on schematic because we forgot to place pins from modules closed from each other on stm32. And we began the placement : it looks like a very long process but we will push our PCB on next Sunday.

Practical work

The diagram of our project is almost finished. Today, I have seen with Alexis what I have had to do with Vbus from the USB. We don’t use usb to supply our pcb however the STM32 need to be connected with the Vbus in order to know that there is a USB connection. I have changed the diagram.

I was working on the practical work. I have succeed to debug the demos application. Now, I am playing with LED’s. I have got just one problem. Firstly, I have forgot to press the reset button and nothing have worked.


Soon… placement and routing

Hi !

Since a few days, the Expelliarose team has worked on the schematic design of our card. Now, most of the components that we have ordered are available in the Expedition PCB libraries and thus, we can start placing and routing them.  We will also have to choose the shape of our PCB, which will probably be a bit special, because it has to match with our wand design.

At the same time, I have begun to get more familiar with ChibiOS and the STM32 processor thanks to the Olimex board. I currently deal with the PWM control to manage easilly the LEDs intensity.

A begin with the stm32


I had some trouble with my computer and I was not able to compile ChibiOS. Too much time losing because of some library missing.

Problem now fixed, and that allowed me to make my first flash on the olimex card, and also to make a thread to control LED.