Switching processor and the missing LEDs

Forget what I’ve said in my last post.

Finally, we’re not overclocking.

We’re not even using a stm32f427.

We’re switching processor for a stm32f405, which runs at 168MHz but which is smaller.

So, with Lélio we sprent the afternoon updating our routing tables, schematics, etc.


And tonight, we’re working in the A406. Hugues, Lélio and I are :

-re-doing the rooting from scratch, (our first aptempt was a mess)

– tring to test our IR receipter without the IR emitter (we’ve lost them !). We found some remote controller that uses IR but we are not sure of their frequency (it could be 36kHz, 38KHz, 50kHz, …) and Lélio is having a hard time…


But tomorow will be a brigther day! (I hope)

See you !