[Kudly] The show must go on

Hi everyone,

I have find out what the weird bugs on hte I2C were. A pull-up resistor was deconected, and because of that the SCL pin was all the time low (And the STM32 thank that the bus was all the time busy…). Now that the resistor is back, the I2C bus works fine, and thus the IMU works fine. After discussion with Samuel, we have decided to disabled gyroscope, and set the rate of refreshing accelerometer data to 1.25Hz (in order to save power). We will detect if there was a move by analysing the change on absolute valors of the acceleration on the 3 axis. After some test on the card, it seems to work well, we will try with the card on Kudly as soon as possible 🙂

I have also worked with Marc on the ausio streaming. He’s in charge of the wifi part (recuparating datas from the server), and I’m in charge of the codec part (transform the datas in audible sound). After a lot of trouble, we have succed to recognize the should we should hear, but with a bad quality. We think it’s because the codec does not receive data fast enough. We will try tomorrow to have a better sound quality… But now it’s time to sleep 🙂

Good night,