This is the end

This was the last show.

Farewell 🙂


Presentations are live here!

SwARM : this is almost the end

Hi everyone,

We made so much progress since last time. The robot can do a simple movement with much accuracy.

I spent the day to merge the IMU code into dev but we are facing some issue.
I started to script the final presentation with Paul and do some slides.

We are near our goal, still their is much work to do.

that’s all, have a good night (better than ours ^^)

SwARM, debugging

Hi everyone,

this week I rewrote the motion control algorithm to fix the problems we had (it turned out it was simpler than trying to debug that mess). The robot is able to follow paths but is still very unprecise. We’ll try to fix that …


SwARM, week 18, 1/2



Since Arnaud’s implementation of the new algorithm works, we decided not to take the chance to use my better optimized version: as we say in French, “better is the enemy of good”.

We now have moving robots, sort of, and are integrating the imu. Hopefully, we’ll have integrated the decawave too, for now the precision is horrendous.

The presentation is getting really good, only minor changes were made recently.

We are really close to getting something good looking, but as of now it is highly disappointing, especially since now bugs seem to spawn hourly.

Ad unum


SwARM: Final Countdown


This first part of the week was as intense as the last month, we finished integrating the calculation of the trajectory with the PIDs, so robots are moving. Now, the challenge is to finish integrating the data from all the sensors: the decawaves, the IMU and the coding wheels.
For now it doesn’t work but solutions are being tested.

Also this first part of the week we prepared the rational part behind the presentation that we will be making on Friday. Perceval and I wrote the slides and a complete document to support us when answering the questions we might be asked during the presentation.

Today I built four more robots and tested their motors and coding wheels with Arnaud’s help. Because of an unfortunate short-circuit, a board is now bricked 🙁 So there will only be 5 moving robots in the choreography.

We all really want to see the robots dance, so there won’t be much sleeping tonight either…

Next post will be my last,

Have a nice week !


Today’s batch

A first bite of our project

Makahiya – integration & plant preparation

Hi everybody,

It remains less than 36 hours before final presentation and there are still some things to do, but I’m confident in the fact that we’ll be ready on time.

During the last few days, for the software part, I worked on the final debug and improvements of our code. This morning, I finally found why the server crashes so often: in fact, I never closed the SQL sessions I opened, because I didn’t know that it was necessary to do so. So now, the server doesn’t crash anymore. And we have added a timeout on the websocket connections, with a keep-alive message, in order to detect when the plant has been disconnected. And it solved many problems.
For the hardware part, I soldered several leds, tested several heatsink and tried to find a good solution for the servomotors. Indeed, it was hard to find a good place for them, one that allows the wires to freely move up and down. In fact, the problem was that the leaves didn’t have enough strength to pull the wire if this one went through the ground or in a pipe with angles. I finally decided to put the servos at the top of the pot, so that the wires only cross air.

Finally, I also prepared a first version of the slides that we will show on Friday during the presentation.

Tomorrow, we will prepare the show for Friday and finish to equip the plants.


NB: Tanguy has just implemented the code that allows the plant to tweet when a leaf is touched.

BreathUp, Presentation’s Preparation


This week is the last week and I spent all my time to prepare the final presentation. I added some alerts to the presentation. I also fixed our casing. Some parts was broken. Therefore, I helped Benjamin to make the slides.

During the next part of the week, I’m going to continue to prepare the presentation.

I hope to see you Friday.

Benoît, for BreathUp

Makahiya, Week 19.5


The presentation will take place on Friday and we are working to prepare them. During the last days, I continued to track bugs and finalize the code for the server and the card. I also worked on the mechanical aspects, I did some soldering for the first time of my life and the result wasn’t very beautiful.

We tested everything on a real plant and it works quite well, we can even interface it with the outside, I even created a Twitter account where we could tweet when a leave is touched (the account is @Makahiya1)

Until Friday we will finish the preparation of the plants (we will use two) and code some scripts for the presentation


BreathUp Final week

Namaste !

This week, I worked a lot on the final presentation and mainly on the slides ! I also fixed some bugs on our code.


Stay tuned guys !

Benjamin for BreathUp