BreathUp, Works during holidays

Happy New Year!

I hope you spent good times for Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations!

During holidays, I carried on the application. Indeed,

  • I put the Bluetooth connection in a service to do that in background.
  • I modified the Bluetooth Server to be able to simulate a remote device.
  • I handle it to start and stop the service’s thread.
  • like the server’s API has been modified, I had to changed how I made requests.
  • I made tests to find bug and correct them.
  • I changed a little bit the UI.
  • I reviewed and cleaned the code.

Now, about the application, I will work with Alexandre to make tests and modified some parameters which will be modified with the new encrypt program. Indeed, encrypted messages will not have the same length. And to split the key and the message, I need to know their length.

Benoît for BreathUp

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