BreathUp, happy new year!

Hello everyone,

I wish you all the best for 2017! For BreathUp it is the final countdown… so what I did during the begining of the week is seting up the rng (random number generator) to  set the bluetooth pincode. I also set up with Xavier the source code basis for our pcb like choose the right board, put the right informations.

Concerning the pcb, I heard that they just arrived, and at the the same time I heard that one of the four pcb has just burn. Hope it would be the last one.

For the end of the week my goal is to correct the source code I did with Xavier when the pcb will be repaired. The second goal is to start writing the ads driver, indeed like I spent a lot of time on it during the first part of the project,   me and the guy has decided that I would be in charge of it.

Hope we won’t have to call the firemennad !(private joke for Alexis)

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