BreathUp week 13!

Buenas Noches !

We are back at school up to the end of january ! We had the honour to receive our PCB today but also the disappointment that they are not working ! Indeed, after some soldered joints, one of our PCB, when my mate tried its, overheated and it may be unusuable anymore. But they find the problem, it seems to be due to some errors of imprint that can be repaired on others !

Concerning my work, I’m a little bit stucked on ChibiOS SD card driver (SDC), indeed, when I’m trying to connect my SD card from my evaluation board, the connection failed… After a long moment of seeking, I found out that I may have an error in my board.h. I modified it taking into account one of ChibiOS example, but I still got the same result. I will work on it again and try to figure out what happens.


Stay tuned and I almost forgot, Happy New Year !

Benjamin 😉

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