SwARM: Homecoming

Hi everyone,

Let’s start by wishing you all a nice year 🙂

During the holidays there wasn’t much work done but since I got back on Monday I’ve gotten back on the tracks really fast and there has been a lot of progress on my behalf:

First I have finished a good draft of the polar enslavement of the motors. I calibrated P coefficient and started working on I and D but as the robot I am testing all of this on is just a level 0 prototype I would be wasting my time.

So I moved on to preparing the process of guiding a robot through a sequence of positions. I have written and tested a sequence of 3 positions (distance and angle orders to enslave to) and it works fine.

Finally I started writting the code that will update the robot’s position and maybe update the next position orders.

As to the global progress of the project, these holidays were mainly calm for all of us 🙂 I worked the first five days on the project but then surrendered to the festivities and their preparations. Also Arnaud did some intensive work on the communication protocol in order to have it working. But now Alban might be facing some difficulties with the camera so he will decide this week if it is worth spending a lot of time on as the end of the project nears very fast.
Also we hope to get some orientation mesure thanks to Perceval any time soon, which will allow us to integrate both our work.

For now I will keep working on the position calculation and on the trajectory adaptations.

Have a nice first week of 2017!


Paul Guerin

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