BreathUp week 13!

Hallo !

During the end of the week, I keep working on the SD card driver. It still doesn’t work but I made some progress! In fact, my sd card is recognized as an MMC one so that, the connection isn’t possible. I do not know why I have this behaviour… During a long time, I thought it was because of my SDIO initialisation but after checking it like 10 times, I’m quite convinced it’s right.

Afterwards, we met other problems with our PCB indeed, when we tried to flash for the first time our board, the outer oscillator didn’t start up… which is really problematical because without it we can’t use our usb to debug… But we will try to find another way !

Finally, on Friday, I worked on the qualifying part again, changing our filters to reduce the analog to digital converter rate from 2000Hz to 1000Hz. But after some tests, it seemed that it degraded too much the signal quality after algorithm. Eventually, we will keep the 2000Hz frequency.


For the next week, I hope I will end with this SD card driver and begin to work on folder management.


Stay tuned ! 😉


Benjamin for BreathUp

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