SwARM: Sweetwater

Hey guys!

We did it! This week we made real progress on how we are going to guide the robots through their journey 🙂 After many new ideas that we considered and that I started to implement, we decided to settle for a solution that approximates trajectories with circle portions.
We dissecate a “big” move into “small” ones. As you can guess we still have to define the “big” and the “small” but the code is in place and I have had it working just this afternoon.

This means that we are now able to have the robot hypothetically move from one position to another! This remains hypothetical because this was only tested on our prototype that doesn’t have wheels 🙂 But it is a giant leap for SwARM.

This week I will keep working on the code that will have the robots move around and we might make our first tests on the PCB that we should receive this week 🙂

Lots of fun and work ahead then!

Have a nice week,


Paul Guerin

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