SwARM, week 13, 2/2


After much debate, we have decided to use the camera as a precision enhancer more than a fully redundant system to the decawave. As such, it becomes far easier to implement our ideas. As of now, the plan is to have the decawave identifying each robot and providing a more or less precise position, then the camera will pinpoint a robot which will be associated to the closest one detected by the decawave. This system is heavily reliant on the decawaves’ ability to locate a robot with such a precision that it will not be confused with its neighbouring one. Tests will define how close we can put our robots to each others.

I also double-checked Arnaud’s maths and reached the same conclusions by different means (which helped notice a little mistake in what results had been given to Paul).

Perceval and I are currently working on the choreography to be sure that we implement exactly what we need to realise it, and neither too much nor too little.


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