BreathUp, New requests!

Hi !

Like I wrote in my last post, I worked on the integration of the new requests in the app. Indeed, thanks to the Bluetooth connection, the remote could send bytes instead of chars. To do that I created a class PostRequest with OkHttp package. The main difficulty was to understand how make the request because I would like sending only bytes in the body and I did not know which content-type was the good. Moreover, there was a mistake on the server because it wanted 19 bytes instead of 18. So, I did not understand why my request was bad with the error 400 and I spoke with Xavier to be agree with him on the post request. Now, that is ok. I also modified a little the structure of the app to be able to handle bytes.

Now, the application seems to be ok, I just need to clean up and I could work on the IMU.



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