BreathUp, Android – Bluetooth – Time

Good Evening,

Since Wednesday, I have continued to work on the application and after some tests I found an error about the way I used to handle the thread of the service. So, after to speak with Sam, I decided to change how I made it and used a conditionVariable. I also split the application to put on a new app the part about the Bluetooth Server, I used that to make tests. I also modified a little bit the design of the application.

Friday, with my team-mates, we made some checks about our progress and we decided to do some changes. Indeed, now, it is the application which will send the time to the device,thanks to the Bluetooth connection, instead of the Lora chip. So, the application could receive different kind of requests sent by the device. The device could send a report, ask the parameters’ setup, and ask the time. To do that I modified a little bit the structure of the application. I need to make tests to valid that. At the same time, I changed the error codes which are sent to the device in order to have a response which have always the same length.

Eventually, the next week, I will finish with the treatment of the time requests and the other kind of requests. It is implemented but not tested. I need to implement a remote device which send different requests. I will use the work of Alexandre to do that on the Olimex E407 or on own PCB if the Bluetooth module works on. After, I will work to handle the time in order to have signals which match with a time to file them.

Have a nice week!


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