BreathUp week 14 !

Moro !

This week, I keep working on the SD card and the file system (FatFS) and it ran quite well on the stm32E407 so on Friday, I decided to switch on our own board.
Unfortunately after integrated my code, I had the same problem with the SD card as on the STM32P407 board, that is to say, I wasn’t able to communicate with the card… Eventually, after comparing our board and E407 board, I find that our schematic wasn’t the same concerning the SD card. That is to say, on the E407, there are some hardware pull up on the SDIO ports that we didn’t have on our board, so I had to activate the interne pull up and after that it all worked fine !

So now, I’m integrating all our stuff on the filtering chain: that is to say the filtering and the qualifying parts ! I made some progress but I still didn’t test it yet. So this is what I must do until the end of the half-week.

Stay tuned !



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