SwARM: Hells Bells

Hey guys!

Waouh this half of the week was tough on me, I got really sick and had but a dozen hours peace that I spent on the project.

First I didn’t work on adapting my code to the MCU that we will have in the robots because I chose to spend time on the movements, in order to improve and correct the code that controls and interprets the motors and their feedback through the coding wheels. So now the code that calculates the position of the robot is fully functionnal.

By discussing with Samuel I understood that I had missread the multiple documents on polar enslavement and that I should not control the motors’ power with the PID distance output for the left wheel and the PID angle output for the right wheel, but instead cmd_right_wheel = cmd_dist + cmd_angle and cmd_left_wheel = cmd_dist – cmd_angle!! Anyway I still have to decide for an interpretation to give to negative and to great output values. Should the wheel go in reverse if output is negative or is it okay to stop the wheel ? And if we have an operational prototype I will calculate appropriate PID coefficients too 🙂

Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to test this correction on the robots but I should feel better tomorrow and I should then go to A406! 🙂

Also Perceval and I have found a few very concrete ideas for choreographies for the final presentation! I will say no more about them because they should be a surprise 🙂

Either tomorrow or Tuesday we will receive the PCBs! So we will start working with them as soon as possible, adapting our code to their MCU and I will continue to work on the movements of the robots.

Have a nice week,

And don’t forget to wash your hands often if you want to stay healthy ^^


Paul Guerin

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