BreathUp, Android & Time


As I said in my last post, I have tested the Android app and its management of the different kind of requests before with the Bluetooth module on the board E407 and then on own PCB when Alexandre finished its implementation on the PCB. Thanks to those tests I fixed mistakes.

After that, I worked on the handler of the time. Indeed, to handle the measurement files, we will need to match an acquisition with a time. To do that, I used the RTC Driver. I needed a few moments to understand how it worked. But it was easier than I thought even if I blocked a little bit with the year in the struct tm of the time library and the RTCDataTime. But I am enable to set an initial time and get the updated time.

Now, I can do it, I will work again on the time and its integration with the Bluetooth. I think I will have the time to add the buzzer on the PCB.

Have a nice end of week.


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