Makahiya – capacitive sensor & alarm

Hi everybody,

Since last post, I worked on the capacitive sensor and on alarms.

For the capacitive sensors, I integrated the algorithm previously developed. It works pretty well with the sensors pad of the evaluation board: I’m able to detect touches. I didn’t encounter specific problems for this integration. Next step will be to finely tune the algorithm settings with the sensors glued to the leaves, but I’ve estimated that it’s better to do it directly with the PCB as I have other tasks and problems to solve before.

The other topic which occupied my time is the addition of alarms. Indeed, we want to be able to use our plant as an alarm clock with both sound and light. First, I tried to implement this mechanism on the server side (and the commands would have been sent to the plant at the awakening time). After several hours of vain intents, I made a break and thought that in fact, it could be interesting to have a more reliable alarm clock, one that doesn’t depend on the internet connection. And thus, it was no more necessary to implement the timer on the server. So I implemented only the settings selection on the server and the alarm is created directly on the plant side. When you create your alarm, you send a list of commands to the plant that will be executed at the awakening date. These commands belongs to 3 categories: sound to play (for the moment, you have the choice between 3 ringtones), lights to turn on and servomotors to move. Doing and testing this functionality showed me that I wasn’t able to play several music sequentially, so I had to correct this point (it was simple).

During the end of the week, I want to solve the last major remaining problem: the connection to the websocket which doesn’t work perfectly. It works sometimes, and sometimes not. So I want to find what is the cause of this strange behaviour and to correct it.

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