Makahiya, Week 16.5


During the first part of this week, I began with adding the servomotors to the PWM driver. I thought it would be easier, but we are lacking timers. We need in total 24 PWM outputs for the Leds and the servomotors and we have only 6 timers to do it, but one of them must be used for the system ticks, which leaves only 20 channels. So I had to use virtual timers for the servomotors.

I also began integrating some features on our demo code, we won’t have our PCB before Monday, which is quite annoying. I also tested the possibility of streaming music with Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi as we have difficulties to make it work, but I could transfer files at only 9 kilobytes/second which isn’t sufficient.

Until the end of the week, I will continue integrating other branches that are ready and think on mechanical aspects of the project.


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