SwARM: Aloha

Hey guys,

This was a nice first part of the week! Even if we did not receive the PCBs, which we should receive next Monday, we progressed a lot on the choreography and on multiple parts of the project.
We had to do a lot of planning in order to plan the end of the project and have clear objectives to fulfill.

So since Monday I have worked on moving the robots and they make progresses every day. Today I even selected values for P, I and D coefficients for our testing prototype and this one can move in a straight line and make a clean half turn.

Also Samuel presented us another way to calculate a trajectory between two points, Alban is implementing it and it will replace our current method by the end of the week normally.

This second part of the week I have to adapt my code for SwARM’s robots so that Monday we start testing and I will keep working on the choreography and on the movements of the robots.

Enjoy the rest of your week,


Paul Guerin

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