SwARM toward the end

Hi everyone,

So today was a good day we defined the big steps for the choreographies : we will make some basics movements synchronize with music. I made a medley after much and much discussion about which music to choose. You can find it here.

Also I finish IMU implementation (finally ><) and merged it in dev. I will add threads and interruption support tomorrow. 🙂

Also we will perform our final presentation in Thevenin amphitheater because it offer sufficient place to do some choreography with around 6 – 10 robots and everyone in here will see it from slightly above which is great.

By the way it seems that we will only make 6 robots because we only have 6 batteries and their is no more in Farnell's stocks…

But overall it is very cheerfull to see our project taking some formss like Paul can pilote wheels, Arnaud can locate a decawave, Alban can locate a led… 🙂

that's all, good night.

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