BreathUp: LoRa, integration and strange behavior


During this end of the week, the project have seen great improvement, as we have put together all the different part of the project that was developed separately.

I first worked on LoRa, and we are now able to send messages to TTN network from a PCB. This wasn’t as easy as expected. Indeed, I encounter two major difficulties. First, an incompatibility between the SPI driver and the SD driver because of DMA shared channels witch forced us to make an hard version of the SPI driver.  Then we (I was coding with Samuel) found out that there might be an issue in the stm32 because when we set the SPI configuration to send 8 bits, it’s sending 16, so we find a way to send our 8 bits by asking the stm to send only 4bit, but that’s quite dirty…

Then I worked on the complete integration of the communication from the PCB and to the PCB, containing the creation of a report, ciphering it, trying to send it via Bluetooth, deciphering it while on the server and all the way backward with a new configuration of the device coming from the server.

Then I worked with Benjamin on the integration of the SD drivers, the filters and the qualification algorithms. After some unexplained problems, we finally find a way to make it work. Then I worked on the test on the filters and the qualification, they are now tested with the code and configuration that will be put on the PCB, and not another file. We can therefore change easily some parameters and be sure that everything will be ok on the PCB.

Eventually, during the IMU driver development and during the implementation of LoRa and the qualification algorithms on the PCB, I have found an still unexplained issue, changing value when they are passed to a function as parameter. The dirty fix I found is to allocate them as static values. then they are stored in the bss and the issue doesn’t happen. It looks as a stack overflow, but we didn’t find any other proof of this…

This week will be the last week before the project evaluation, and therefore I will work again on the global integration. I might also try to use the Objenious network for LoRa instead of the TTN one.

Xavier Chapron

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