BreathUp, Time and Buzzer

Hi everyone!

Since Wednesday, I have continued to work on the RDC Driver and the time. I would like do functions which were able to get the current time and return a file name or a directory  name. I needed to rewrite the itoa function. After that, I made the link between the time handler’s functions and the Bluetooth’s get time function in order to update the time  thanks to the Bluetooth connexion and the smartphone.

I also made several tests for the beginning of the global integration in order to understand some bugs with the Bluetooth connection.

After that, I wanted to buzz the buzzer but when I welded the buzzer and tested the circuit to know if there were not a short-circuit, I found the buzzer was not blocked. So, I found that strange and after investigations, that was not a buzzer. Because of this, I did researches to find a new buzzer. However, Alexis have given me a buzzer to write the code about that.

The next week, I will work on the global integration and make the handler of the color code to indicate if the power, the parameters are ok or not.



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