BreathUp, CAD & Color Coding

Hi everyone!

This week, I begun with the color coding. Indeed, the different LEDs on the PCB indicate the state of the device and the alerts. The functions which handle the LEDs are OK but not integrated. However, I could not test the color code for the battery level because the battery level is not finished.

After, I have worked on the CAD software Fusion 360 to create a casing for our PCB. I never used a software like it. So, to understand how it works and how create a part it was an easy. Moreover, I could not use it on my own laptop I had to install the software on a virtual Windows machine in A406. However, to learn how use the Fusion 360, I could ask Sylvain and Arnaud some questions. But it is a new thing to me and I spent lot of times to make simple tasks. I have made a first version but there was a problem when I print it. I made some corrections and printed again a cover and it is better. I will print the base and make others corrections.

Eventually, I will also work on the final integration.

Benoît for BreathUp.

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