BreathUp: LoRa and global integration


During this week we eventually get the Objenious keys to register our devices on their LoRa network. Therefore I worked again on LoRa, and there are great improvements. Indeed, Over The Air Activation, ACK and downlink messages are now working. Sadly, there are still some difficulties with Objenious network and even with a LoPy device, the connection isn’t reliable and it is therefore highly probable that we will stay on the TTN network that is more reliable.

With the possibility to send downlink messages to a device, comes major improvement for our project because we will now be able to make it work fully without an Android device. Therefore we now need to integrate everything including the device initialization, the device reinitialization for a new patient, the configurations changes during the monitoring of the patient and of course the report upload with both Bluetooth and LoRa but with preference for Bluetooth witch is cheaper and faster.

Eventually, I will still work on integration during the end of the week.

Xavier Chapron

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