SwARM: She’s mine

Hey Guys!

Yesterday we started working on soldering the PCBs. Alexis began with 11 of them and today we decided to finish 1 to test it and see if everything was alright with the PCB and if it needed some patches.

So around 1200 today we started the tests on the PCB, LEDs are working fine and it seems that the motors related components are fine. It was funny to see how everybody wanted to test his code first 🙂
But we still have to debug the code that controls them because we do not understand how they are controlled at the moment… Tomorrow a long day awaits us!

Also Alban is finishing the code that calculates the trajectories and Arnaud is working on integrating a new function to the coding wheels that should allow us to know if the wheel is rotating clockwise or not clockwise.

These are the last days of the project so we spend a lot of time and energy on it because we all want to see it working. But this weekend some of us will have to spend some time working on other things as we have some exams coming by the end of next week…

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Paul Guerin

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