BreathUp, Box and Battery

Hi everyone,

During this end of the week, I continued my work on the casing of our PCB. After some tests, a version 1 has been validated.

While we did tests for the Bluetooth integration, a bug, on the application, had been found on the application. I fixed it but after reflexion I think a better correction could be done but I did not have time to change that. I will take a look on  that.

Eventually, I worked on the battery qualification. Indeed, in order to know the battery level, on the PCB, the battery power is linked to an ADC. As we are able to read and write a SD-card, I used that to know how the battery unloading is. About every 3 minutes, I wrote on the SD-card the value of the battery and after 29 hours the battery was done.  I could combine those results with the led handler of the battery level.

As you could see on the Benjamin post, we had acquisitions with our PCB. The ECG was OK but there was not EMG. We tried to found solutions, but we did not. That’s why, we will meet Laurent, our contact of the start-up E-Respi, to work with him. Next week, main tasks will be to have good acquisitions and finish the global integration and clean up.

Have a nice week.

Benoît for BreathUp.

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