BreathUp week 16 !

Akwaba !

This week, I worked on integrating the acquisition part, I made the acquisition routine with the sd card, the ads and the IMU. My work isn’t finished yet but I will do as soon as the acquisition will be reliable. Indeed this is,by far, the most important point. On Thursday, Alexandre made a new configuration of the ADS and it permited it us to acquire some signals that make us think about ECG and EMG. On Friday, we did a lot of acquisition and we processed its. As far as I’m concern, I made some script to help analyzing the different acquisition and we saw that there isn’t any breathing signals in what we acquired even if there are a lot of heart information !


So by the end of the next week, I will keep working on acquisition with Alexandre, I will end with acquisition routine and I will clean our code !


Stay tuned for the last week !

Benjamin 😉




PS: on the left, you can see the ECG and on the right the breathing EMG (for the moment nothing…)

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