SwARM, finishing GUI and testing our board

Hi everyone,

since Thursday I’ve added to the GUI the ability to open a serial port to send the dances to the robots and the preview of the actual trajectories by porting Alban’s algorithm. It helped a lot the algorithm since it made debugging a lot easier. As a result we spent some time trying to fix bugs and find workarounds.

We also uncovered a very strange behaviour with our motors : one of them seemed to be very slow while the other is quick. The team jumped to the conclusion that it was because of the poor quality motors and the way we modify them to fit our needs (of course we could have spent 10 times more money on motors to have something better but one of the goals of the project is still to make the robots as cheap as possible). But on saturday we realised that even if keep the same motor and we connect it to the left motor connector then to the right, we get a clear loss of power. We have to investigate more on that topic but it is most probably not because of the motors.

Perceval also found a mistake on the USB connection on our PCBs, so I patched two of them and now the serial over USB works fine, as well as the radio (only a part of it has been tested yet), the battery level monitor, the LEDs and the code to write in flash. Additionally the beacons’ battery life seems good (I have no actual figure but I’ve been using them for hours and the beacons are still green – meaning “battery high”).

Two beacons (out of three) in their 3D printed case (with the top removed)

Next, I’ll keep testing the radio.


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