SwARM: My way

Hey guys,

This week was very intense for our whole group, we’ve been working very hard to test and to improve our code for the robots.

We have corrected some mistakes in our code to drive the motors but there seems to be a lot to do and to understand in order to have them move in a pretty way.

We have built more of the robots, we should have about ten of them by the end of the week. Yesterday we were all together building their coding wheels and integrating them into the motors in order to test modified motors as we need them for our project.

So this week we will keep trying to fix the motors’ driver and finish testing the other features as well as improve all of them.

Next Sunday will be the last day of the project, after that we will only have the possibility to perfect a few features for the presentation (that will take place next Friday!).

Enjoy your evening and your week!


Paul Guerin

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