Makahiya, Week 18.5


Since last time, I worked on the touch detection because the captors began to behave strangely. First, they saturated when no touch was detected. So it was easy to adapt the code as we only have to detect if the captor is saturating. But then it became harder to have the captor not saturating, so the touch has to be quite strong and it seems it can’t work below the leave as intended. But the weirdest thing is that if I unplug the transformer of my laptop, although the board isn’t connected to him, the captors always saturate, with some exceptions when touching the coaxial cable with something metallic.

Now, the card has every coaxial cable soldered to it, and the behavior is the same with every cable connected to one of the two sensors, the other sensor saturates most of the time but randomly it doesn’t for a short time.

The problems probably have something to do with mass plans around the plant, so we will have to figure a solution to be able to exploit the sensors.


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