SwARM, connecting the GUI to the robots

Hi everyone,

On monday we took time to fix that H-bridge problem. It behaved very strangely at frequencies of the PWM higher than 1kHz, the motors just lost all their power. But the problem doesn’t appear if we use lock antiphase drive, so we found a workaround. The drawback is the energy consumption which is higher with this solution, but we should still have more than enough battery life.

On Tuesday I focused on debugging the radio. As a result we are now able to create a sequence of colors with the GUI, load it in a robot flash with the click of a button, start and stop the dance from the GUI.

The video is just a preview of what the system can do, I didn’t try to do something beautiful nor synchronized with the music.

I also implemented a better calibration procedure for the Decawaves (now it has an offset and a linear coefficient for each robot).

Next I’ll test the triangulation with the final setup and I’ll enlarge our fleet of robots (we have only one robot currently).


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