SwARM, week 17, 1/2


Busy times lately, a big end-of-the-semester final tomorrow, my HR interview on Monday morning, and quite a lot yet to do.

I adapted and debugged the path algorithm, both in C and coffee script: now, only one edge case remains in which the GUI fails to draw the path, otherwise it is all set in stone, or at least I dare hope so. We built and welded several motors this week-end to anticipate the short delay to make the robots, but we still need to do quite a lot of 3D-printing, welding and assembling to have fully fledged robots. Hopefully it all seems to be converging towards a rather satisfyingly functioning project, even though the process is quite messy.

Our pace has become quite harsh, but our recent successes help us endure this, although quite frankly the stress is building up. Time is of the essence!


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