Makahiya – integration & plant preparation

Hi everybody,

It remains less than 36 hours before final presentation and there are still some things to do, but I’m confident in the fact that we’ll be ready on time.

During the last few days, for the software part, I worked on the final debug and improvements of our code. This morning, I finally found why the server crashes so often: in fact, I never closed the SQL sessions I opened, because I didn’t know that it was necessary to do so. So now, the server doesn’t crash anymore. And we have added a timeout on the websocket connections, with a keep-alive message, in order to detect when the plant has been disconnected. And it solved many problems.
For the hardware part, I soldered several leds, tested several heatsink and tried to find a good solution for the servomotors. Indeed, it was hard to find a good place for them, one that allows the wires to freely move up and down. In fact, the problem was that the leaves didn’t have enough strength to pull the wire if this one went through the ground or in a pipe with angles. I finally decided to put the servos at the top of the pot, so that the wires only cross air.

Finally, I also prepared a first version of the slides that we will show on Friday during the presentation.

Tomorrow, we will prepare the show for Friday and finish to equip the plants.


NB: Tanguy has just implemented the code that allows the plant to tweet when a leaf is touched.

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