SwARM: Final Countdown


This first part of the week was as intense as the last month, we finished integrating the calculation of the trajectory with the PIDs, so robots are moving. Now, the challenge is to finish integrating the data from all the sensors: the decawaves, the IMU and the coding wheels.
For now it doesn’t work but solutions are being tested.

Also this first part of the week we prepared the rational part behind the presentation that we will be making on Friday. Perceval and I wrote the slides and a complete document to support us when answering the questions we might be asked during the presentation.

Today I built four more robots and tested their motors and coding wheels with Arnaud’s help. Because of an unfortunate short-circuit, a board is now bricked 🙁 So there will only be 5 moving robots in the choreography.

We all really want to see the robots dance, so there won’t be much sleeping tonight either…

Next post will be my last,

Have a nice week !


Today’s batch

A first bite of our project

Paul Guerin

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